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4hands Case
How we digitized the promotions of the 4hands studio
3 months after the promotion was started
Cashback is suitable for retail. Accumulative promotions with a free procedure as a gift are often used in the beauty industry. For example: each 10th manicure or massage is given out as a gift. These types of promotions are transparent, easy for clients to understand, and profitable for salons.

The math of such a loyalty program is simple: each 10th procedure is free = 10% discount for 10 procedures. The client receives all the accumulated discounts at once at the time of his last procedure.
Assuming that not all 100% of the participants in your promotion will reach 10 procedures, you will earn the entire margin on those who have not reached the reward.
We developed a solution to this problem using digital cards for Apple Wallet and Google Pay, which work closely with YCLIENTS. We are going to tell you examples of how it worked for our clients from 4hands.
Digital card
This problem has a solution
We set up a card with a promotion: each 11th classic manicure with a branded coating is free. We didn’t implement a new loyalty scenario but only digitized the one that already worked well.
Install card
After setting up integration with YCLIENTS, we have prepared promotional materials for printing and placing them in studios. Promo is generated automatically in 2 formats: A4 table tents and 10x10 cm stickers, which are placed on the nail masters' tables. Clients often scan and install a card while getting their manicure done to start saving for a gift manicure.
Stickers with QR-code
As you see from the promo materials, the stamp is placed on the card after each procedure costing 1,000 rubles or more. Such crediting terms motivate clients to increase their check amount, and you get additional income without spending money on advertising.
Table tent with QR-code
Growth of the average check per customer
Retention clients without cards
All charges to cards are automatically made through integration with YCLIENTS. The client can always view statistics in his personal account following this link:
In 5 months since service implementation, 1,023 cards were issued in five salons of the 4hands franchise network, with 2,338 stamps credited to them. It's effortless to calculate that the minimum revenue from the loyalty program was $90k, where 31 clients accumulated for a free manicure, and 29 clients took advantage of this bonus.
Retention clients with cards
The service also helps to attract new clients for free
In addition to retention, the service attracts new customers for free through a referral program and collects feedback with the publication on Google Maps.

One hour after the visit, the client receives a free PUSH where he’s asked to leave a service review:
If his experience was neutral, we simply ask that he shares his card.
If the client had a good experience, we offer that he shares a card with his friend and leave a review on the cards.
If the client was left with a bad impression, we send his contacts to the salon administrator to find out the reason for the negative experience.
Client’s feedback
I saw this service in Face Fit salon. I thought it was very cool and modern, plus you don't need to download any apps. When I started getting PUSH notifications on salon’s geolocation, I completely fell in love with the service, and I knew it was a must-have for the 4hands.
4hands Founder
Tatiana Shutova
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