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Digital Loyalty Cards for Beauty Industry

How it works
Cards installed in the pre-installed Apple Wallet and Google Play
Google Pay
Apple Wallet
Boomerangme is not a mobile app
Installation is 10 times quicker than the mobile app
All the features of PUSH notifications
Card installation
Instant installation
Sync with CRM
Duplicate check
Digital cards advantages
Get in your client's phone without developing your own app
+13 312
Нанеладзе Марине
PUSH instead of SMS
You can send push-notifications to segments and view statistics. Three types of automatic push notifications are available
Quicker and easier
Because of the installation simplicity, loyalty cards penetration into the client base is 25–30% compared to the mobile application, 5–7%
Card balance, design, owner status, and next visit are updated in real-time
Custom scenario
Choose any event, count the number of days and write a text, which will be sent to your client.
Geo-dependent push within 330 feets radius of your salon
If the client is near the salon, he will be reminded to set up an appointment at his earliest convenience and be notified of the most current promotions.
Feedback collection
We will ask you to leave us your feedback on our service quality one hour after your visit. If you are satisfied, we suggest sharing the card by reference link and leaving feedback on the cards.
Reminder to set up your next appointment
We will suggest that you sign up for your next appointment right after your visit. If you don’t call, we will remind you 28 days later.
Transaction-related push-notifications
After each purchase, it is sent to clients with a balance update, card status, and the number of visits left until the gift.
Marketing push-notifications
Send out free push-notifications instead of fee-based text messages. Segment clients and view statistics.
Communicate through PUSH — it’s free!
For any promotion ideas
Digitize all printed promotional materials
It will show the client his current bonus balance and the number of points for moving to the next level in the loyalty program.

We integrate and withdraw points to the card from Boulevard and Minbody.
Cashback card
Install card
A card with stamps
Install card
Here's how it works: pay for 10 procedures, get the 11th as a gift. Suitable for repeated services with a fixed price.

Clients like to receive free services. It is more transparent than cashback for the client and the beauty salon.
It is a digital version of your printed subscriptions. Suitable for services sold by the course.

The subscription is sent to the client automatically through WhatsApp after the sale in the CRM.
Install card
It is a digital version of your gift certificates. Allow the client to spend the balance in one or numerous visits. Certificate value is transmitted from the CRM.

Certificate delivered to the recipient through WhatsApp right after the sale in CRM.
Install card
They help bring new clients from Instagram and Facebook ads automatically before they make their first purchase in the salon without preliminary sales calls.
Install card
Digital version of a plastic discount card of a regular customer allows you to increase the discount level depending on the amount of money you spend.
Install card
Setting up the card is easy
Card setup quick-start guide
Card delivery in WhatsApp
Quick, easy, convenient
We send a card with a personalized text to WhatsApp. The card issuance form is filled out in advance with the client's personal information. All the client needs to do is click on the "Add a card" button.

If the card is installed, we don't send anything.
1-click installation
The client makes an appointment online at the salon
We send a personal card in the WhatsApp message
We check through the API whether the client has an installed card
Add a card
Feedback collection
We help you keep even dissatisfied clients
Reminder to make another appointment
Feedback collection
Record the answer in the statistics
Form an email with the client's contacts and send it out
Share a card through the referral program
Leave a review on the cards
Charges of bonuses to the card as a compensation
10 minutes
Manual work on the Case
1 hour
Reviews on maps
Gather positive reviews and increase the number of clients from search engines
The invitee receives bonuses only when the invited individual makes his first purchase.
You can share a card through messengers
Increase your client base with the hands of your happy clients without advertising costs
Referral program
Growth customer retention
Transactions per minute
Salons signed up!
Cards issued
1+ million
Walkthrough in Zoom
Join over 11,000 happy clients today! Upgrade anytime.

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