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Persona Case
How we digitized the promotions in the flagman TIGI Persona Salon
6 months after starting the promotion
11 708 000₽
We were approached by the central salon PERSONA TIGI ARTPLAY to introduce a loyalty system for regular clients. First of all, ARTPLAY is an image laboratory, where PERSONA pilots new work mechanics, including when working with clients.

We launched digital coupons with a 10% discount on the first visit to the salon to attract new clientele. The coupon is automatically converted into a regular customer card during the first visit with the first accumulation of the bonus balance.
We suggested setting up a coupon linked to a multi-reward card
To increase the conversion of advertising and cross-marketing, we launched a coupon with a 10% discount.
Coupon with a discount on a first visit
PERSONAL loyalty
Digital coupon is used in Instagram and Facebook ads to attract new traffic to the salon.

After the coupon is redeemed, it is automatically converted into a savings card with stamps, which works as follows:

  • 1st visit – a compliment from the salon
  • 2nd visit – 10% discount coupon for the next visit
  • 3rd visit – a compliment from the coffee shop
  • 5th visit – SOLO Diving into a real FLOATING (60 minutes) or a compliment from your nail master

Multi-reward card, the client receives a bonus for each salon visit. This technique allows the salon to maintain constant client engagement increasing the frequency of visits.
Install card
После настройки интеграции с SONLINE мы подготовили промо-материалы для печати и размещения в студиях. Промо генерируется автоматически в 2-х форматах: тейбл тенты формата А4 и стикеры 10×10см, которые размещаются на столах мастеров. Зачастую клиенты сидя на процедуре сканируют и устанавливают себе карту и начинают копить и получать подарки за каждый визит в салон.
Stickers with QR-code
As you see from the promo materials, the stamp is placed on the card after each procedure costing 1,000 rubles or more. Such crediting terms motivate clients to increase their check amount, and you get additional income without spending money on advertising.
Table tent with QR-code
Average check
Retention clients without cards
All charges to cards are executed automatically through integration with SONLINE. The client can always view the statistics in his personal account following this link:
Flagman PERSONA TIGI managed to achieve good results in 6 months after starting the service:
  1. Issued 578 loyalty cards.
  2. Gave out 1038 stamps.
  3. Clients earned 987 rewards.
  4. And received 9.

Promotion revenue is $157k
Retention clients with cards
The service also helps to attract new clients for free
In addition to retention, the service attracts new customers for free through a referral program and collects feedback with the publication on Google Maps.

One hour after the visit, the client receives a free PUSH where he’s asked to leave a service review:
If his experience was neutral, we simply ask that he shares his card.
If the client had a good experience, we offer that he shares a card with his friend and leave a review on the cards.
If the client was left with a bad impression, we send his contacts to the salon administrator to find out the reason for the negative experience.
Client’s feedback
We started working with Boomerangme in the post-Covid period when the issue of client retention became most urgent. Our goal is to make every client feel special, and that's why we give gifts for every visit.
Nina Zaitseva
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