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NailMaker Bar Case
How we digitized promotions in the chain of Nailmaker Bar Studios
8 months after the promotion was started
85 522 000₽
The NMB marketing department printed thousands of business cards with a cumulative promotion after the rebranding at the end of 2020. Some cards were distributed to clients before implementing the digital version.

It didn't become an issue when switching to digital cards. Salon administrators transferred the accumulated stamps from printed cards to digital ones by hand using the Boomerangme mobile app.
We digitized and converted the current promotions of Nailmaker Bar into the Wallet format
The NMB's accumulative promotion is more complex. The client is invited to complete a 21-visit cycle.
One card with many gifts
Multi-reward card
  1. On the 4th visit, we offer nail alignment as a gift.
  2. On the 7th visit - a paraffin manicure.
  3. On the 10th visit - manicure discount + coating
  4. On the 13th - IBX.
  5. On the 16th - design of 2 nails as a gift.
  6. On the 19th - eyebrow coloring.
  7. On the 21st - French manicure.

This deal emphasizes cross-sales of related services. The promotion looks more dynamic for the client due to several rewards within one cycle. Clients seem to be playing a brand game to accumulate intermediate gifts and win a super prize.

When places for stamps run out on the card, it is automatically updated and continues to accumulate stamps. There's no need to reissue the card.
Install card
After setting up integration with YCLIENTS, we have prepared promotional materials for printing and placing them in studios. Promo is generated automatically in 2 formats: A4 table tents and 10x10 cm stickers, which are placed on the nail masters' tables. Clients often scan and install a card while getting their manicure done to start saving for a gift manicure.
Stickers with QR-code
As you see from the promo materials, the stamp is placed on the card after each procedure costing 1,000 rubles or more. Such crediting terms motivate clients to increase their check amount, and you get additional income without spending money on advertising.
Table tent with QR-code
Growth of the average check per customer
Retention clients without cards
All charges to cards are executed automatically through integration with YCLIENTS. The client can always view the statistics in his personal account following this link:
28 NMB studios managed to achieve impressive results in 8 months after starting the service:
  1. Issued 16,882 loyalty cards.
  2. Gave out 85,522 stamps.
  3. Clients earned 23,351 rewards.
  4. And received 19,554.

Promotion revenue is $1,2m
Retention clients with cards
Digital coupons to attract clients from Instagram advertising
Coupons are perfect for salon advertising on Instagram and Facebook. The client is directed from advertising straight to the card-issuing form, where he downloads the coupon to his phone. After installing the coupon, the service sends an automatic reminder for the client in 2, 24, 48, and 72 hours to make an appointment using YCLIENTS. If the client doesn't make an appointment during this time, the administrator will receive a letter with the client's contact information for a manual call.
The coupon release form looks and works just like a regular lead form. It can also be labeled as an analyst with a Facebook pixel code to optimize advertising campaigns.

Since the first visit, the coupon will turn into a savings card with the first stamp on the balance. This way, the salon receives a system that helps attract and retain clients automatically.
You can view all statistics of attracting clients to the salon in the attraction funnel report. It is updated in real-time and shows data from the moment the coupon is installed until the client becomes a regular customer (3 or more visits).

The Boomerangme is the only service on the market today that will correctly show the LTV of your client attraction funnel.
The service also helps to attract new clients for free
In addition to retention, the service attracts new customers for free through a referral program and collects feedback with the publication on Google Maps.

One hour after the visit, the client receives a free PUSH where he’s asked to leave a service review:
If his experience was neutral, we simply ask that he shares his card.
If the client had a good experience, we offer that he shares a card with his friend and leave a review on the cards.
If the client was left with a bad impression, we send his contacts to the salon administrator to find out the reason for the negative experience.
Client’s feedback
The Boomerangme service allowed us to transfer paper loyalty cards to our clients' smartphones, making the loyalty program implementation process automatic for all users.
CCO Nailmaker Bar
Tatiana Soley
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