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Bonuses for L'Oréal clients

If you are a member of any of L'Oréal's programs, then you have a special discount on the Boomerangme license. In this article, you will learn what discount you have and how to apply it.

What is L'Oréal BeautyID?

This is an authorization in the L'Oréal program, which allows you to get a discount on the Boomerangme license and in other partner projects.

What discount do you get with L'Oréal BeautyID?

50% discount is given to all clients with an associated BeautyID.

Members of the L'Oréal brand loyalty programs can use certificates of various denominations with the possibility of redeeming up to 100% of the cost of the Boomerangme service.

You can check the turnover to determine the level on the website of L'Oréal brands:

Salon Expert and Salon Partner L'Oreal Professionnel
Matrix Business Club
Redken Level
Kerastase Club

How are discounts calculated?

The discount applies to the cost of all commercial licenses of Boomerangme. When purchasing a license for a period of 1 to 2 years, in addition to the discount, you will receive bonus months from Boomerangme. You can learn more about adding months in the sales department by phone +7 (495) 118-30-05

If you are a member of the loyalty program from L'Oréal, then when you purchase a license for 2 years, you will receive +1 year of the license as a gift.

It turns out that you purchase a Boomerangme license for 66% cheaper than the original cost.

For example, you purchase the Maximum license in the Boomerangme service for 2 years with a 50% partner discount from Loreal for 39588₽ (instead of 79176₽) and get 3 years as a gift. As a result, the cost of the service month will be 1099₽/month instead of 3299₽/month.

How to become a member of the above programs?

Leave a request on the website of the program you like or contact a L'Oréal representative.

Will the discount apply to the current license if I connect BeautyID?

No. The discount will only be applied to the next purchase.

Why is that?

The sold current license of Boomerangme is a fait accompli in terms of accounting and legislation. We don't break the law.

How do I take advantage of L'Oréal's Boomerangme discount?

Go to Boomerangme in your Personal Account and in the Settings section, click the button to activate the promotional code.

Where can I get a promotional code for Boomerangme from L'Oréal?

You can get a promotional code from your assigned L'Oréal representative.