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Partnership Agreement

Agreement-offer partnership agreement

Effective June 1, 2019


In order to become a Partner of the Boomerangme project, you need to read the Affiliate Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Affiliate Agreement", "Agreement"), as well as confirm your acceptance of the terms of the Agreement.

You can revoke your consent to the use of electronic documents at any time. However, upon withdrawal of consent, the Agreement will automatically terminate. You will also lose your rights to receive rewards under the terms of the Agreement. If you wish to revoke your consent to the use of electronic documents (and thereby terminate your agreement with the Company) or update your personal information, you must write an email and send it to:

You agree that the Company may change the content and terms of the Agreement unilaterally and at any time. Such changes will be effective from the moment they are posted on and will apply to the Affiliate Agreement with you. The latest version of the documents is always available for viewing, printing and downloading on the official website of the Company, located at

By choosing "I ACCEPT THE TERMS" below, you agree to the terms of the Affiliate Agreement. Clicking on the "CANCEL" button will terminate the registration process.

Internet resources: - Information partner site; - Personal account (BackOffice) of the company's partner; - Shop selling branded products and goods of the company; - Online learning site; - Boomerangme application; - Information site for clients;

Mobile applications

Hereinafter referred to as the "Site", "Sites", "network of Sites" (administrator and moderator who has exclusive rights to the Application and the Sites, including, but not limited to intellectual property rights - Boomerangme is a Certified Partner in the Russian Federation AND .P. Inishev Mikhail Alekseevich, TIN 631103605076, OGRNIP 318631300035567, hereinafter referred to as the "Company") offers any person, by acceptance (acceptance) of the terms of the Partnership Agreement, to acquire the status of a Partner.


Application - multi-component software "Boomerangme", as described in 2.2 of this Agreement, as well as related services of the Company offered to Clients and Partners.

Site - Internet resources listed above in clause 4 of this agreement.

User – an individual using the Application free of charge in order to participate in Clients' promotions and (or) receive points for Recommendations.

Partner - an individual, individual entrepreneur or legal entity that carries out the Recommendation of Boomerangme Licenses to third parties by its actions and receives remuneration from the Company for these actions in accordance with the Marketing Plan described in this Agreement.

Client - an individual entrepreneur or legal entity that uses the Boomrangme Application based on the use of the Boomerangme License according to the tariffs and has gained access to the Boomerangme Application console and does not participate in the reward system in accordance with the Marketing Plan described in this Agreement.

Recommendation - an action of the Partner aimed at attracting a new Client or Partner. The Recommendation is considered to be made by the Partner if, when the new User filled out the registration form, the login (ID) of the Partner who made the Recommendation was specified, the registration was completed and the Package or License for the Application was paid.

Package - an information package that includes the Boomerangme Program License with the right to sell and use to third parties, as well as other features and services provided by the Company under this Agreement.

License - a non-exclusive user right to use the Boomerangme Application, providing the Client or Partner with access to loyalty software, creating cards, analytics and statistics (provided by tariff plans) and functions according to the tariff plan described below, subject to payment by the Client or Partner of the Subscription fee. Includes the Application console, the Managers mobile application, the application for the institution (company) administrator.

Personal (personal) page or Replicating site - a certain area of ​​a web resource that displays Partner's data, including a personal account.

Personal account (BackOffice) - a certain closed area of ​​the web resource that displays the data of Bonus points, personal account, team and other information within the Marketing plan.

Client Account - a personal account, which is a closed area of ​​the open web resource Saione that allows you to navigate within the information space allocated to it by the Site in order to use software for setting up, creating maps, accounting for analytics and statistics, informing your client base, using pre-installed templates and placing your geo-dependent data. To enter the Personal Account, a phone number with two-factor identification or E-mail and a password created during registration on the open web resource of the Site ( are used.

Partner's account - a personal account, which is a closed area of ​​the open web resource of the Site, allowing you to navigate within the information space allocated to it by the Site in order to use the software for accounting, analytics of referral registrations as potential Clients or Partners. To enter the Personal Account, the ID and password created during registration on the open web resource of the Site ( are used, received by the Partner when registering on the open web resource of the Site, after registering the Partner's Account, a personal referral ID number is assigned.

Subscription fee - a periodic fee paid for the use of the Application and the services of the Company. The Partner's subscription fee is the fee paid by the Partner for the Partner's Account and for using the Application, the Company's services. The Client's subscription fee is a periodic fee paid by the Client for the License. For the purposes of payment of the Subscription fee, a month is the period from the date of payment of the Subscription fee to the date preceding the same date of the next calendar month (for example, from February 20 to March 19, from December 06 to January 05, etc.). A year is the period from the date of payment of the Subscription fee to the date preceding the same date of the next calendar year (for example, from May 25, 2019 to May 24, 2020, from January 01, 2019 to December 31, 2019, etc.).

Business place - a cell in the system for registering Partners and accruing Bonus points and rewards.

Bonus Point (PV) is a reward credited to the Partner's bonus account based on the results of fulfilling the terms of this Agreement, to be used on the terms specified in this Agreement.

Left and Right Team Points (GPV) - the reward credited to the accounts of the Partner's left and right teams based on the results of successful Recommendations to the Partners of the corresponding team or Personally invited Partners, to be used under the terms of this Agreement.

Marketing plan – the algorithm for accruing remuneration for Recommendations established by the Company.

Personally Invited Partner (LP) - a new Partner who has registered on the Site using the referral ID number of an already registered Active Partner.

Curator - Partner in relation to his Personally Invited Partner (LP).

Active client - the Client who paid the Subscription fee.

Active Partner – a Partner for whose account the Subscription fee has been paid.

Qualified account (Partner) - an account, the left and right teams of which have at least one LP in their composition, who have paid the Subscription fee.

Financial cycle - after accumulating 100 points (GPV) in the left and right teams of the Partner in each team of the Partner, these points are converted into funds to the corresponding account of the Partner at the rate of 1 cycle (100 points (PV) left / 100 points (PV ) on the right) = 25 USD.

The Company's Agent is a legal entity acting on the basis of an agreement in the interests of the Company, which has the rights to the Application to the extent sufficient to perform the functions provided for by this Agreement.


1.1. The acceptance of this offer is made by expressing consent to the terms of the Agreement and registering in the form of filling out the registration form on the Company's Website with entering your personal data in the registration form located under the offer.

The offer is considered accepted from the moment of entering all the necessary data into the registration form, expressing the unconditional consent of the Partner or the Client with the terms and conditions of the offer (terms of the Agreement) by clicking the "Registration" button with the indication below under the button "By clicking the "Registration" button, I give my consent to terms of the contract-offer".

1.2. It is forbidden to have more than one Partner Account registered for a Partner. The Company has the right to block the Accounts of a Partner who violates this condition without prior notice. An exception is the registration of additional accounts in the right or left teams of the main Partner Account, curated by the main Partner Account.

1.3. After accepting the offer and registering the Partner's Account, the Company sends a notification to the e-mail address (E-mail) specified by him during registration. The notification contains the following information: the Partner's personal data, login and password to access the Partner's personal account.

1.4. The Partner or the Client consents to the storage and processing of their personaldata. The Partner or the Client understands and accepts that the Company has the right to collect the Client's personal data for transfer to third parties in order to improve communication between the Partners and the Company's Clients.

The protection of personal data of Partners is one of the most important priorities for the Company. In order to ensure such protection and taking into account the requirements established by the European Union Regulation No. 2016/679 of 04/27/16, which entered into force on May 25, 2018 and is aimed at providing interested parties with more reliable and effective control over their data, the Company undertakes respect the rights of all Partners under Swiss, European and any other applicable laws on personal data, on the basis of which the Company operates.

1.5. The Company prohibits posting any data, otherwise promoting information, including posting links to materials that directly or indirectly violate someone else's copyright and / or related rights that infringe on someone else's intellectual property; materials of an erotic, sexual and pornographic nature; materials inciting national, racial or religious hatred and enmity, promoting or agitating for violence, extremism, terrorism, genocide, suicide and other activities that threaten life and/or health; materials that offend any social groups, individuals or companies; shocking materials, as well as those that violate generally accepted norms of morality and morality; other materials, the placement of which is prohibited or contrary to applicable law and international law. In addition, the Partner or the Client undertakes not to take any actions that lead or may lead to disruption of the normal operation of the Application and (or) its services.

1.6. The Company prohibits to promote using the Application and post any materials related to the following activities: business trainings, business promotion seminars; sexual activities (including sex shops; intimate trainings, courses, seminars; any form of prostitution and pornography; massage parlors with intimate elements hiding under the form of relaxation; striptease, etc.); activities with a religious orientation (churches, mosques, synagogues, any religious educational institutions, sects, etc.); activities of a ritual nature (production of ritual monuments, coffins, wreaths, boxes; crematoriums, etc.); activities aimed exclusively at the sale of alcoholic and tobacco products; activities related to the sale of construction equipment; activities of insurance brokers and agents; activities of pawnshops; activities for the provision and acceptance of cash loans; activities related to investment; activities related to esotericism (magicians, palmists, astrologers, psychics, fortune tellers, traditional healers, etc.); activities for renting cottages/houses/apartments; activities related to the sale, promotion of the Boomerangme product and its analogues, the dissemination of negative information about the Application; activities related to network marketing; services provided by individuals without forming a legal entity (photographers, make-up artists, stylists, etc.); any activity that violates the law, as well as the Licensor has the right to refuse to grant a License to an independent partner of a network marketing company, as well as companies operating on the principle of multi-level marketing, and in other cases when an individual / independent partner does not directly represent the company itself, but is engaged in the implementation products and providing discounts and bonuses on behalf of the company without being such.

The full text of the agreement is available here.